02 October 2008

Hvar pictures

Hvar. In case you are wondering....yup....it IS that pretty.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the island of Hvar, a beautiful and rugged ancient island covered with olive trees, grape vines, stony houses, and crystal clear lagoons. For hundreds of years, people have traveled to Hvar for the health benefits of the lavendar-perfumed air and the crystal clear waters. You can see clear down to the bottom of the sea. While standing on the rocky shore, I caught sight of an octopus nestled down in the rocks. He was trying very hard to look like a rock, but when I started talking, and threw some pebbles in the water, he sort of started changing colours...first white, then grey, then white and grey, then he went back to being stone coloured. How COOL is that???

Now, one of the things that makes Hvar so incredibly incredible is that it is a 3 hour drive from Zagreb to Split, then a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Split to Hvar. That's it. Really accesible. Stunning how close it is.

The water is so clear that the boats look like they are floating in the air!

Portrait of the artist...fuzzy hair and all...

View from our hotel room at sunset

Ahhhh, that's it for now.


Dr M said...

New to the Blog World.
Dig the Fuzzy hair!!! Know any good publishers!!??
Dr M

Gabriella said...

I know OF good publishers....but they do not know OF me (yet!)

Dr M said...

Keep the "pen to the paper"...and they will!!!
Dr M