21 October 2008

Italian tippy-tap shoes

I have been on the lookout for a pair of black and white ladies oxfords since my tap dancing days of yore. Imagine my delight when I discovered that: a) oxfords are back in style, and b) black and white oxfords are in style! How righteous is that?!!

So I got myself these puppies. They are Italian. And quite shiny. And they make me wanna dance! The shop girl told me that the tippy-tap dancers wear these. Tippy-tap. How cute is that term. So I have tippy-tap shoes, minus the taps. Although, I could imagine myself tap dancing my way down to the coffee shop for some nice espresso. Now that sounds like a great idea!


Nicolai T√łttrup said...

Hi Gabriella.
Where did you get these shoes?

Your Sincerely,

Gabriella said...

It was over three years ago at a shop near Opatija that closed down. Sorry.