06 October 2015

Where did I go?

Don't ya just hate it when someone posts on their blog for a few years and then, poof, they're gone?  With no updates or anything?  Well, I thought I should post an update here for everyone who is wondering what happened to the adventure.

Well, the adventure turned into normal everyday life.  I'm still in Croatia (although not in Zagreb anymore).  And everything is normal.  The buildings and the scenery look all normal to me now.  The roads, the cars, the trams, the grocery stores, the  farmer's market, the seaside....all feel like home.  The TV shows, radio programs, public holidays, the weather...all completely normal. 

So, until I have something interesting to post, I'm just going to hit the pause button here.  I may or may not start a new blog.  If I do, I'll post the link here.  But if I don't, just assume that I'm living a normal and happy life in Croatia. 

Here's wishing you a normal and happy life too, wherever you are right now!