21 August 2008

Meat logs from heaven

I encountered the Croatian version of 'fast food' at an outdoor market. This particular specialty is called cevapi which I believe translates into something like: little meat logs from heaven, or something similar. They look like stubby meatball logs and are made from ground beef and pork and some sort of magic spices. Grilled until they are springy to the touch, but very juicy inside, they are then served in a flat round bun that is sort of the consistency of pizza crust (that thick kind you can pull apart), with a side of fresh cut onions.

Now, I can't eat gluten. :-( Sad, but true. So cevapi is off limits to this foodie because they grill the meat and the bun together. It makes for a deliriously crispy bun, but it also coats everything in gluten. But all is not lost because my valiant hubby stepped in to offer his fast-food eating services. Between huge bites of meat, onion and bun, washed down with ice-cold beer, he assured me that this fast food is the best he's ever eaten.

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