19 August 2008

Coffee & whipped cream

Ok. Now that it looks like I can eat dairy products once again, I decided to go ahead and try making a cafe delicacy they enjoy quite a bit in these parts. It is called: coffee with whipped cream. Not that artificial petroleum food-like foamy product that comes out of an aerosol can. Nope. This is 33% fat heavy cream, with no additives or preservatives. I got it fresh at the market this morning and was told to consume it by tomorrow.

So I whipped it up. Very buttery. Not sweet at all.

I first made my espresso in my little mocha maker. Then added a big tablespoon of whipped cream to the cup. Stirred it up a little so that it got frothy. Then sat out on the back terrace in the shade and slurped it all down.



danny said...

cool blog:)

Susannah said...

sounds good! I hate that super sweet processed crap that you buy, but freshly made whipped cream (with just a tad bit of sugar, or none at all) is very yummy. :)