22 August 2008

Chicken soup yum!

Today I prepared my own homemade chicken soup. And it came out beautifully tasty, hearty and nourishing. I put fresh chicken, onion, garlic, two tomatoes from my sister-in-law's garden, plus one of her small cabbages, a bunch of parsley and just a touch of celery root. Then I 'italianized' the soup by adding one beaten egg after the soup was done. Those little yellow rags in the soup: that's the egg.

I added a small dish of sides: one fresh purple plum, one chunk of cheese that is similar to a thick and dry ricotta, a handful of tiny tomatoes, one small apple and half a piece of corn. All the food is in season. All of it is locally grown. All of it is delicious.

Something else that makes this incredible: every single food item I've just listed is a food item that I COULD NOT eat in Canada. None of it. These are all foods I thought I would never be able to eat again ever for the rest of my life. I'll explain more in detail in some other post, but just let me say that every bite of nourishing food I take is a complete and utter miracle. A MIRACLE.

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Fatima said...

Wow...that surely is a miracle. Now I'm worried you're never coming back to Canada.