11 October 2009

Nanowrimo 2009...time to prepare....

I can't believe that Nanowrimo 2009 is just around the corner. I'll be participating this year and am planning on winning. I think I have a great idea to start with...but I'll know more as November progresses and I get past that magic page number 50. Until page 50, I don't know if I've got a novel or a short story on my hands. I don't know if the characters are interesting enough. I don't know if I have enough of a story to last another 250 pages. Yes, it can be heartbreaking to reach page 50 and realize there isn't enough there for an entire novel...but it is much easier to handle than to reach page 200 and realize there's nowhere left to go.

So, I'm looking forward to a month of butt-in-chair, fingers on the keyboard, creative marathoning.


Matthew said...

hello! i stumbled across your site looking for knitting shops/places in Zagreb. I'm a british cellist and i've been living in New York for 4 years and now i'm living in Zagreb till xmas. I've knitted a little before and wanted to make something really special for my girlfriend as an xmas present. Can you tell me where I can purchase knitting supplies in Zagreb? Thanks!

Gabriella said...

The Nama store at Kvatric has a good knitting department (just take the number 11 or 12 tram going east and get off at the Kvaternikov Trg stop..the store is right there). There is also a great shop called Unitas in the center of town at number 2 or 3 Tkalciceva (kind of near Dolac market). And that's about it for knitting supplies in Zagreb!

Matthew said...

Sorry to once again hijack this post but I don't know of another way to message you. Thanks for all that good info. I have also found another shop, about 1 minute walk south from Ilica on Medulica on the right. Tiny store, who's stock was low (getting new stuff in 2 weeks), but what yarn they had seemed better quality than the other stores. And, it was the only place to have a cabling needle, and much better selection of other needles. She said she's been open since June. Do you still run a knitting club?

Gabriella said...

I haven't got a knitting group together yet. Probably not till after Christmas since everyone is so busy with the flu! There's a group online called: http://www.meetup.com/Zagrebmeetup/ It is a group of english speaking people who meet in Zagreb once in a while. Men, women, older, younger, students, professionals. I suggest joining the group, then sending out a message to everyone saying: hi, I'm only here for few more weeks and I knit! And I'm looking for a couple people to knit with! Let's get together this week and get some knitting done for Christmas!

I'll watch the group and see what happens too! Good Luck!

Matthew said...

Haha i went to that meetup group last week although i haven't joined the website. and another one at the old pharmacy the next day. Slightly dubious - but hopefully some other people will be there next time! Hmm.. i think i'll keep the fact that i'm knitting to myself. Besides, it's hard enough to concentrate on it without talking to other people! Will you be coming to the next expat meetup?

Layla said...

WOW, a guy who knits!! :)
/my Dad would faint, I think!/

Cheering you on for NaNoWriMo *AND* the knitting!! :)

I learnt as a little kiddie and then only knitted an attempt of a shawl/wall tapestry(?) and half a sweater before it became unfashionable to knit or wear anything 'homemade'!

I've started to enjoy crocheting again - in small attempts, maybe someday I'll brave out into knitting? ;)