27 November 2009

Nanowrimo 2009 update

With three days to go, I'm just squeaking past 23k words in the November race to 50k words. So in the end, I'll make it half-way. This is a victory of sorts for me because I made it quite far, and this time around the quality of my writing was at a much higher standard. I went back to using the old pen and paper and somehow my writing was free, easy-going, more natural. So in years past when I made it to (or close to) 50k words, most of it was pretty bad and got lost in the ensuing edits. This year it is different. Maybe I'm finally making it past that mythical 10,000 hours of writing needed to get the hang of this thing. I sure hope so.

To anyone else riding the Nanowrimo train: I salute you. And see y'all again a year from now.

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