14 August 2012

Summer time...

I can't believe how fast little puppies grow!  Miss Peeper, our little furry wonder here is already knee-high, and learning to do all sorts of helpful things, like bark at grasshoppers, eat sandals, dig up weeds and drag them to onto the terrace, bark at ants, bark at plastic bags.  She's at that floppy stage where she gallops about, long ears flapping in the wind.  I have to say that there is nothing cuter than a puppy chasing a butterfly!

It has been an incredibly dry summer in most parts of Croatia, and the word 'drought' has come up again and again.  There are bush fires almost everyday.  And water restrictions in some parts.  And crunchy dry grass.  And for the first time, I've seen cracks in the dry dirt...like something out of a movie! 

Things continue to be busy for me, and I'm working on some big projects that I'll talk about in a few months once I get past some hurdles and have a few successes to report.  Otherwise, I'm enjoying the last of the summer, and waiting for the late figs to ripen.

Hope y'all are lazily sitting somewhere in the shade, having a lemonade....

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