03 January 2011

It is 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !

I hope that everyone had a very good holiday season. And I'm sending out wishes that 2011 is awesome for everyone. I mean awesome in a good and healthy way. I've definitely got resolutions for the year ahead. I know that lots of people hate resolutions, but I love them.


1. Get fluent in Croatian. I mean FLUENT
2. Start writing my cookbook
3. Take more pictures of the food I'm cooking (instead of eating the food before I get the camera ready ;-)
4. Eat more figs.
5. Find a steady source of good olive oil (the mellow kind that I love)
6. Spend more time at the seaside in the summer
7. Find a place that carries shoes in my size (story about shoe sizes in Europe to follow later)

And that's it! Well, for this year. Looks like a very do-able list to me.

Onwards and upwards!


SusanPBaker said...

Sounds like good resolutions to me.
BTW, do you know Marion Duzek and his wife Diane?
They are Croatians and used to live in Galveston.
Susan P. Baker

Gabriella said...

Hi Susan,

I don't know Marion and Diane...tell me what city/town/village they live in, and I'll say hello for you if I'm in their neck of the woods!