14 January 2011

Final exam!!

Hard to believe, but the end of the first semester of my language class is just around the corner.  I'm studying hard for the final exam that takes place over two days next week.  Day one will be the written exam, and then Day two will be the oral exam.  If all goes well, then the second semester begins in February and goes right through to the middle of June.  I can tell that the language is starting to settle into my brain and I'm able to think a little bit in Croatian.  I can even make out the newspaper headlines most of the time, and reading signs on the street is becoming a little more clear.  I try my best to read the subtitles on TV...but they talk too fast! 

All in all, it feels pretty positive!

Okay, back to studying.  I'll post test results as soon as they are available.

Fingers crossed....

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