06 July 2010

Language miracle answered

A couple posts back, I was asking for a language miracle to occur so that I could start learning Croatian properly. Well, a language miracle happened along, and I'm now enrolled in one of those intensive language classes. The class isn't the miracle. The teacher is the miracle. She has tons of energy, is really animated when she is teaching, and is super friendly. Grammar is still hard, but the teacher is making it as painless as possible.

I'd like to write more about the classes, but I have an avalanche of homework to do.

One last thing though.....um, if the universe is listening...I am also in need of a great real estate/property miracle. And a great-health miracle too. Oh, and I'll just sneak in a request for a great publishing miracle. Hope I'm not being too greedy...


Anonymous said...

Hello! or Dobar dan!:)...I found your blog...funny posts...I also loveee figs...I 've read that you have been enrolled in a Croatian Language Course.I came in Zagreb from Romania...and I am also interested to enroll in a class...maybe you could recommend me the one you've taken!Wish you good inspiration for our book!Hvala!:)

Gabriella said...


the place I took my classes is called Sputnik (also called the Croatian Language Academy). Here is the URL: http://www.sputnik-jezici.hr

Good luck with the language!