17 June 2010

I love my yarn!

I know I am a yarn-a-holic. I can't get enough of the stuff. Everywhere I go, I haunt all the little knitting/sewing/yarn shops looking for gems to take home and make into something special. Back in Canada, finding fantastic yarn is a breeze. There are incredible shops everywhere selling the most magnificent knitting goods imaginable. I used to buy yarn with such abandon!

The yarn situation in Croatia is, how shall I say this: elusive (can a situation be elusive?) Thick and hearty wool (real wool) is pretty simple to find. But where to find those gossamer beauties that make knitting such a joy? I don't know. Haven't been able to track down a source. Yet. But I'll keep looking.

Mind you, knitting isn't exactly a big hobby here. I still haven't found ANYBODY to start a little chicks with sticks group. NOBODY. So it is just little old me. I hide my yarn and crochet hook in my purse, and drink a lonely espresso at a local cafe while crocheting my (gorgeous) granny squares on my lap. One square=one coffee. Then I leave.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll take my crochet projects outside to the main square. There I can sit on the sidewalk next to the guy who plays the extra long flute, and the mime guy, and the music box guy and his dog. I'll just knit and crochet, and listen to the music, and watch the people go by. And feel like an artist. Hmmmm, doesn't sound like a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

I'm off to zagreb this week.I'm going to look for yarnshops-do you have any good adresses for such.

Thanks alot Lis from Denmark

Gabriella said...


It might be difficult to find any yarn this time of year because the stores tend to carry more yarn in the colder months (November, December). Having said this, there are 2 stores you might visit in Zagreb. Both are right near the main square. The first one is the big Nama store. Their yarn section is at the back of the store near the socks.

There is also a great shop called Unitas in the center of town at number 2 or 3 Tkalciceva (kind of near Dolac market).

Another poster here mentioned this place..but I haven't been there:

"about 1 minute walk south from Ilica on Medulica on the right. A tiny store, And the only place to have a cabling needle."

Hope that helps. Again, because it is still summer, the stock might be low.

ximena said...

it looks like we will move down there (from up here germany)...
your blog has been really interesting and IF we will knit over coffee someday!

Gabriella said...

I was just knitting (alone) in a cafe today thinking about how I'm the only person in Croatia who is happy about the cold weather arriving because it is always nicer to knit in cool weather!

If you come to Zagreb, bring your needles and some nice yarn, and we'll definitely get a knitting group going!

Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

I just stumbled upon your blog too, as I was searching for yarn shops in Zagreb. I was thinking of also starting a knitting group. I'm an American who just moved here with my family about 1 month ago. If you have a group going or would like to start one, or just knit over coffee, I too would like that: mommabetsy@gmail.com