16 December 2008

No local chicks with sticks :-(

I've been trying to get a knitting group together in Zagreb. I've only found one person who likes to knit and who thinks it is cool. But she's not a local gal; she's actually from California! We meet up at the bookstore cafe about twice a month and we spend a good 2 hours chatting and knitting and drinking really good espresso. It is really great fun, and relaxing and so creative. But we're having a hard time attracting new members because knitting is not cool here. Nope. Nobody believes me when I tell them about all the knitting groups throughout North America, and all the knitting cafes and knitting shops, and well just everything knitting related that is so popular over on 'that' side of the big pond. And while smoking is still legal here in the cafes, I'm not so sure about the knitting. I've taken my projects to various cafes, and am met with looks of bewilderment, raised eyebrows and sometimes a wee bit o'curiosity. I'm hoping that I inspire people to go home, take out their old knitting needles and knit up a nice hat or something....and rediscover the joy of knitting. Seriously!


Wendy said...

Keep working on that one - I have every faith that one day soon a Croation person will knit with you!

Anonymous said...

knitting, not so much .. but if you're interested in a book club, that could be fun :)

Teri said...

I'm not Croatian, but I've been looking around Z for a knitting group too, especially now it's pleasant enough to sit outside of an evening.

I miss all the sit-and-knit gatherings back in DC and would love to join you in weirding out the locals with a little KIPing!

Ivan said...


just copied your entry "No local chiks....." to my daughter right now visiting Zagreb. The rest of blog made me home hungry. Away from Croatia since 1975. Currently in East Africa.


Layla said...

lol!! :)

WOW, you knit too!! :)

Yes, it's true. Knitting is not 'cool' in Slovenia either, I think it will all come in a year or so maybe (remember we're at least a year behind with the whole crisis thing, and Hollywood movies - at least in some small towns, hmmpf!)
I think it's becoming cooler, it was really 'out' before the millenium flip!!

Then wearing homemade stuff actually got trendier (at least wearing the cool stuff!) Most people still don't really know how to knit, and Grandma's have poor eyesight and trembling hands - and clothes are still too cheap here!!

And the whole 'knitting in public' - lol! I first read of it online, not so long ago.. Good luck with your craftivism endeavours!!