19 September 2013

Taking a breather....

Croatia is the type of place that is filled with millions of carrots dangling in front of us outsiders, and always just a bit out of reach, causing us to push ourselves forward.  Inch by inch, we keep reaching towards those carrots, and are forced to stretch ourselves in ways we never thought possible.  But those ethereal carrots keep moving just slightly out of reach.  And after several years, the constant effort of stretching and stretching coupled with the constantly moving carrot can deplete the energy stores of even the most enthusiastic and energy-filled person.

This constant stretching didn't just make my arms sore....they fell off! (metaphorically speaking)

So I need some time to hunker down, analyze, lick a few wounds, charge up my batteries, and then get back on the horse with some sort of plan that does not involve carrots (or any other vegetable dangled in front of me).   For the first time in my life, I have absolutely no idea what to do next.

I'll still be here in a sort of zombie-like form.    But I'm gonna need some time to think 'bout all this.  So I know y'all will understand if I take a bit of time off from updating this blog. I'm as interested as you are in what new ideas I come up with.

Until then, send me some positive energy, if you have some to spare...and if you don't, then let me send some your way right now.

As someone said once:  onwards and upwards.

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