31 May 2013

Hello, Springtime?

Yes, another posting about the bad weather.  I'm Canadian, and we love to talk about the weather.  And weather (well, good weather) was instrumental in luring me to Croatia.  Beautiful blue skies, sunny days, long summers, gorgeous springtime, lovely autumns, and mild winters all took my breath away.

But this year, the clouds just don't want to leave.  The temperatures are cool during the day and downright cold at night sometimes.  And the sun has been pretty scarce since about last September.  Each week the weather forecast paints a gloomy few days with the promise of sunshine and warm temperatures in the next ten days or so.  But as the week progresses, the forecast changes and there's always just a few more days of cold/wet/cloudy weather expected. 

Fingers crossed that it gets better.  Soon.  And that my next posting is about how summertime has arrived with great gusto. 

Hope it is nice in your part of the world.....

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