28 February 2011

Curly hair challenges

Ok.  I have curly hair.  If you've got curly hair, then you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that it is difficult to find a good hairdresser.  You can't cut curly hair the way you cut straight hair.  Honestly.  Because curly hair, well, it curls when it is dry.  So you can cut wet bangs perfectly straight across.  But they ain't drying that way. And no two curly people are the same.  Actually, each individual curl is unique.

I had the incredible good fortune to find possibly the world's best curly-hair hairdresser back when I was in highschool in Canada.  Tony had two great things going for him:  he loved to cut hair, and his wife (and business partner) had curly hair!  What a combination!  Tony always knew exactly what to with my hair.  Long, short,...it didn't matter.  Tony made magic happen each and every time.  And that's why he was my hairdresser for over 20 years. 

Jump ahead to Croatia.  Tony still makes magic happen at his Salon Profilo in Canada, but I'm about five thousand kilometers away.  I hope Tony is not reading this because I'm going to make an admission that would make him cry (and laugh a lot!)  I haven't been able to find anyone who knows how to cut curly hair yet.  So for nearly 3 years....I've been cutting my own hair.  Folks, it ain't pretty.

Here's what I've learned about cutting your own hair:

-cut it dry, because you'll always cut it too short when it is wet
-trim off a tiny bit, then wait a day, and trim again.  Don't try to do it all at once.
-don't cut your hair when you are in a bad mood.
-don't cut your hair when you are in a really good mood either
-cut it when you are in a sensible, logical mood.
-buy several nice hats for all the seasons...you'll need these until things grow out a bit.

 Note to self:  gotta change that profile picture of myself...there's a lot less curl now, and hair in general.  Or maybe I'll just photoshop a hat onto my head!


SusanPBaker said...

I have straight hair. I always wanted curly hair. Once, years ago but admittedly after I was an adult, I got a perm because my friend had a perm and it looked good on her. I ended up looking like I'd stuck my finger in an electric socket. It took what seemed like years to grow up and I learned my lesson. Go with what Mother Nature gave you. What I do historically is grow it long, cut it off, grow it long, cut it off. I'm in the growing it long stage right now. I may let it grow and grow and have a long gray braid by the time I'm 70.

Gabriella said...

Go for the long gray braid. It shouts 'wisdom.'

My DIY haircut is starting to grow out a bit. With some hair combs, scrunchie and a bandana, it doesn't look too bad ;-)

Annika said...

Hi, I found your blog by chance because I was searching for a hairdresser in Zagreb who actually knows how to cut curly hair...I myself have made many bad experiences with hairdressers who say they know how to deal with curly hair but in fact they don't.
As I can read from your blog, there does not seam to be a good hairdresser (for curls) in Zagreb...
I only found a good one in Canada too but there is also one in Vienna! Since it is not too far away from Zagreb, you could combine it with a nice weekend trip. It is calles M184, located at Mariahilferstraße 184, http://www.ihr-friseur.at/
Ask for the boss, she really knows how to cut curly hair!!
Maybe this helps :)
All the best,

Gabriella said...

Thanks Annika, next time I am in Vienna, I will definitely visit this hairdresser!