27 October 2010

Grammar indigestion

My language class is in the thick of learning verbs and verb cases. We don't use cases much in English, so this stuff is MIND-BENDING for me. I mean brain-twisting-gray-matter-sizzling-help-me difficult. Lately, I get a stomachache at around the 2.5 hour mark of class. Like I've eaten too many verbs, or ingested too much grammar, and that one more noun or possessive pronoun or weird exception-to-the-already-bizarre-rule will make my insides explode. Pop! Kapow! Bang!

And I'm not the only one having difficulty with this stuff. Sometimes I swear that I can actually hear other students sweating. But, apparently it gets better. I'm guessing it is probably just like the G-force and anti-gravity training that astronauts go through. Sure they've got to black out and throw up a lot, but only until their bodies adjust, and then they get the sweet reward of being able to float around in space.

For astronauts and learners of new grammar....it is all worth it in the end.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gabriella!:)

I'm reading your blog form time to time...:) we have something in common...learning Croatian language!Only that I am selfstudying now!
I also faces some difficulties, but....learning in progress!:)So don't worry...keep on learning!
:)Best wishes!

Gabriella said...

Thanks for the support. I'm wishing you lots of easy learning ;-)

mare said...

it's hard, but you can do it ;)